• Timer
  • 24-Hour Time
    Use a 24-hour clock instead of AM/PM.
  • Show Seconds
    Show seconds on your end time.
  • Appearance
  • Compact Mode
    Make your tasks smaller so more of them fit on the screen.
  • Theme Color
    Choose a color to change the app theme.
  • Circular Checks
    Change your task checkboxes to circles instead of squares.

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to Above.

Above is a free visual routine timer built for the ADHD/autistic mind.

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End Time
7 : 21 AM

Unlike the usual countdown timer, Above figures out what time you'll be done with all your tasks.

This is called your End Time and it's displayed loud and proud at the top of the screen. Your End Time adjusts in real time based on the current time and the total time of your tasks.

  • Cook Lobster
    1m 40s
  • Drive to Work
    12m 22s

These are your Tasks. Every task has a name and a duration (how much time you'd like to spend on it).

When you start Above, the first task begins to fill up with spent time. When that task is full, Above checks it off for you and automatically starts the next task.

  • Cook Lobster
    1m 40s

While the timer is running, you can also:

  • Tap on the name of a task to start it. When you do this, Above will activate that task and start filling it up with time. You can freely switch between any tasks this way while you're timer is running.
  • Tap the box to check off a task and finish it early. When you do this, Above will automatically activate the next task and adjust your End Time.

Finally, here are some important buttons:

The Start Button starts and pauses the timer.

The Edit Button is where you go to add, edit, delete, and rearrange your tasks.

Congrats! It's time to start using Above to conquer your day!